Building a Better Neighborhood - Construir un Vecindario Mejor


The Westside Community Council is a group of dedicated volunteers who live or work in the area known as the Westside. Since May 1994 we have been actively working to create a better, safer neighborhood in which to live, work, and raise our families. We are an organized, nonpartisan group of people focused on improving the quality of life for all on the Westside. The purposes of this Corporation are to promote, support, and encourage community unity and sustainability.

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History of the Westside

In the beginning …

the seeds of our city were planted here, nestled between the Ventura River, the Pacific Ocean and our scenic hills. Our rich history and eclectic, vibrant flavor – and the city’s beginnings – take root in our Chumash ancestry. We have our Chumash-built Aqueduct that served the Mission and ranches.

There was the historic Tortilla Flats community, where the freeway now runs through it. And the oil boom of the early 1900s fueled the engines of our economy. Westside was home to many Ventura pioneer leaders – such as Mr. and Mrs. E.P. Foster, who provided the land for the fairgrounds. It was rich in orchards. It has the city’s first and charming historic housing tract.

Today the Westside is home to 14,000-plus people, three schools, Westpark Community Center, Ventura Avenue Adult Center, Westside Resource Center, a police storefront, three parks, great restaurants, art galleries including the ever vibrant Bell Arts Factory and so much more! The Westside Community Council -- the first of and the model for Ventura's seven community councils --formed in 1994 to build a better neighborhood.

Our council led the way in the installation of underground utilities. We preserved the historic De Anza Building that houses the Avenue Library. For years we have led community cleanups, founded the Westside Community Development Corporation, been active in reducing crime, and had our say to ensure responsible development. We have improved street lighting, been leaders in community volunteer police support, opened our Westside Resource Center to serve numerous community groups next to the Westside Police Storefront.

We have created community pride with college scholarship programs, community festivals and community engagement. In recent years we have championed our newest park, Kellogg Park, and we have developed our Westside Vision that helps us advocate for a high quality of life into the future.